All for Jeannie!

In my great aunt’s youth, she babysat a young girl who came from a very wealthy family. The child’s name was Jeannie. During Jeannie’s playtime with other children, my great aunt would supply treats, such as cookies, or cupcakes, for the children to share. Jeannie however, always had other ideas….


The Christmas Contagion

Apparently, I come across as a bit “anti-people” in my writings, and possibly in my day to day mutterings. While this has some truth to it, I hasten to add that this is not my natural inclination. As time goes on, I find more and more people to be increasingly…


Rat a Tat Tat

“It’s a rat,” I said. “It’s not a rat. It’s a really big mouse,”  he said. I wasn’t so sure. But one thing was clear. It was dead, courtesy of my cat, who tripped over her own kill in her rush to come into the warm house. It was clear…


Action and Reaction: The Effects of Abuse on a Child’s Brain

Brandon Keim of Wired Science brings to our attention the long term effects that childhood abuse has on the brain, both as a child, and later as an adult.  What are essentially neurological survival techniques in the brain of a child, become hindering behavioural and emotional problems in adulthood. Using fMRI…

1 mr-rude

How Lack of Politeness Has Become the Unfortunate Norm.

Rudeness. It has become a disease. It has the pervasive nature of the common cold in winter. This illness appears to have no exceptions. It infects both young and old, driver and pedestrian, rich and poor, male and female, is cross cultural and multi-national. There are so many types of…