Behavioural Coaching and Change Management

It has become crucial for businesses and employers to consider the use of behavioural coaching and change management for their employees, both actual and potential. We can help ensure the mental health, well-being and cohesiveness of the individuals as well as the team.

Sometimes, specific changes are required from employees. For this particular type of coaching, our methodologies include:


  • Psychometrics – We use the International Personality Item Pool to determine the suitability of a potential employee, taking into account employees already in-house, as well as desired attributes for the specific role. We can also measure traits with current employees for annual reviews.
  • Situation staging – by practising typical or predictable situations, employees can build greater confidence and expertise within their roles.
  • Mirroring – the behaviour in which one person subconsciously imitates the gestures, speech patterns, or attitudes of another. We use awareness of mirroring to give employees the ability and awareness to recognise and diffuse difficult situations. 
  • Body language control and management – 80% of communication is conveyed through body language, making it important for employees to present a positive attitude.
  • Speech training - It’s not always what people say, it’s how they say it. The ability to make speaking interesting and engaging involves more than words. We can identify and improve speaking difficulties, as well as eliminate bad habits.


pointing hand

Change Management Projects   require a wider scope and body of attention.

For all coaching and change projects, we implement

Align   →      Equip      →   Sustain

We align the expectations and desired outcomes of company management, as well as aligning the employees with the process and the reasons for the undertaking.

We then equip the employees with the skills and abilities that will help them in the process. The methodologies used for this step vary according to the type of business and areas of expertise of the employees, as well as the desired outcomes.

Finally, we sustain what has been learned and altered during the change process by monitoring the company and its employees, usually re-visiting the process annually.

We would recommend using behavioural coaching as a yearly exercise for employees and teams in business. This can be presented as part of a review process, or simply as an assessment and well-being project designed to improve the happiness and efficiency of the team and the company.


If there is any other aspect of business management that you would like to discuss with us, please get in touch. We are always happy to address any new challenge!




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