Mask Typology

Mask theory has the following mask typology:

We, as individual psychological entities, evolve in the following manner:

The chart above breaks our masks down into primary and secondary categories. The primary category breaks us down in the areas of Arts, Business, Science and Trades. It should be noted that for a person to fall into any of these categories, it will not follow that the individual in question must have as their profession some area of that category. The categories refer to mental tendencies and skill sets, not life choices.

Mask theory then breaks the type down into the secondary categories of Optimism/Pessimism, Realism/Abstraction, Description/Analysis, Logic/Emotion. No type is set in stone, and is subject to change. Every individual should have a dominant mask type, and further recessive mask types.

If you choose to use mask therapy with us, we will assess your mask type(s) involving a series of tests and exercises. At all times the individual is encouraged to contribute and participate. We then work through what the best course of action for the future.

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